In focus

4D-Var symposium on 26 January 2018

Developing a 4D variational data assimilation system was one of ECMWF’s biggest-ever projects. It culminated in the operational implementation of 4D-Var on 25 November 1997. A symposium to mark the 20th anniversary will be held at ECMWF on 26 January and will be live-streamed.

12 January 2018

ESCAPE project logo

The ESCAPE project: towards exascale computing in NWP

Weather and climate 'dwarfs' designed and implemented in this ECMWF-led project are a major step towards re-structuring existing computational kernels for weather forecasting. They will serve as building blocks for exascale-ready solutions.

24 November 2017

Traffic fumes

The ECMWF Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) - recent applications and improvements

Managed by ECMWF on behalf of the EU, CAMS provides policy makers, businesses, scientists and the general public with reliable information about the composition of our atmosphere and how it is changing.

26 October 2017

Flooded road in Peru

Sharing forecasts and knowledge in emergency situations

To mark the International Day for Disaster Reduction, we look at how ECMWF collaborates with the WMO to help reduce people’s exposure to weather-related disasters.

13 October 2017

Carbon dioxide human emission project

Developing a European capacity to monitor worldwide CO2 emissions

ECMWF is leading a new initiative to explore the development of a European system to monitor human activity related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions across the world.

2 October 2017

28 Jul 2017 GloFAS river discharge forecast

South Asia floods put new GloFAS river discharge forecasts to the test

Severe flooding along the cross-border Asian rivers of the Ganges and Brahmaputra in July and August this year coincided with tests of new extended-range river discharge forecasts at ECMWF.

1 September 2017