Our facilities

Supercomputer facility

ECMWF’s multi-petaflops supercomputer facility is designed for operational resiliency, featuring four self-sufficient Atos BullSequana XH2000 clusters.

Atos brings together its key technology partners to provide this facility, which include AMD, Mellanox and DDN. The BullSequana system is equipped with AMD EPYC™ processors, a Mellanox DHR InfiniBand (200 Gb/s) and over 91 PB of EXAScaler storage from DDN, enhancing the system’s overall speed, efficiency and stability. The BullSequana XH2000’s highly efficient water-cooled direct liquid cooling solution provides exceptional energy efficiency, minimising the carbon footprint of the system and helping us to meet our green objectives.

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Common Cloud Infrastructure

The Common Cloud Infrastructure (CCI) at ECMWF serves as a comprehensive cloud computing platform to host various projects and services including the European Weather Cloud, the Copernicus Climate Data Store, and Atmosphere Data Store. Hosted in ECMWF's Bologna Data Centre, the CCI complements other ECMWF facilities and services such as the High Performance Computing Facility and the Data Handling System. The CCI represents a pivotal infrastructure enabling scientific advancements and collaboration in weather and climate research and operations.

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Data handling system

We operate a large-scale data handling system (DHS) where our users can store and retrieve the data they need to perform weather modelling, research in weather modelling and mining of weather data. The DHS supports both our powerful Meteorological Archive and Retrieval System (MARS), and our file storage system (ECFS) for non-MARS files.

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Our network

The network connects all our computing systems and is divided into IP Fabrics and Office zones. The IP Fabrics transfer large amounts of operational data between the supercomputer and the data handling system. Office networks enable staff to access data centre resources and the general internet.

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