Workshops and seminars play an integral part of the way ECMWF develops and interacts with its partners. ECMWF events are a platform for collaboration – whether they are face to face or virtual, they allow us to interact with our community, learn and share knowledge, review latest achievements but also discuss ways to tackle some scientific challenges we share with our community.

Many of our events use a combination of in-person and digital elements, allowing attendees to choose whether to take part in-person or virtually. This hybrid approach lets our events reach more attendees while reducing environmental impact. Details of our event formats are given on the individual event webpages.


Our training courses are broken down into modules so that you can take each one separately over a timescale that suits you.

Workshops and Annual Seminar

We run workshops throughout the year and a week-long Annual Seminar on a specific topic every September.

Informal seminars

We regularly organise informal seminars given by internal or external speakers on a range of topics.


We provide learning materials related to our courses and workshops, NWP lecture notes, and eLearning modules.