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Sunshine duration, last 24 hours

Base Time: Fri 23 Feb 2024 00 UTC T+24 Valid time: Sat 24 Feb 2024 00 UTC (T+24)

Sunshine for any point is assessed using the model representation of cloud layers to decide how much direct solar radiation reaches the Earth's surface. The accumulated sunshine duration at each point is calculated from the length of time for which the direct solar radiation at the Earth's surface is greater than or equal to 120 W/m2. This is consistent with observed values of sunshine duration from a Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorder, which can only measure moderately intense sunlight and brighter. Sunshine values are reasonable if there is continuous full cover of cloud (zero sunshine) or continuous cloud-free skies. Partial cloud cover reduces direct sunshine accordingly. The amount of sunshine may be over-estimated because the amount of cloud cover is an average and cloud cover is rarely constant or uniformly distributed in time or space. Click on the middle icon to the bottom right for the scale.

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