ECMWF runs workshops and seminars as part of its core activities. These typically last a few days, and provide the opportunity to hear expert speakers at seminars, and collaborate with colleagues during workshops. Most events are for our Member and Co-operating States, however some are open to broader audiences. 

Workshops and Annual Seminar

Annual seminar

The annual seminar looks at progress in a particular area of numerical weather forecasting. A new focus is chosen each year. The event runs over the course of a week in early September and is broken down into a series of lectures, given by ECMWF staff and independent experts.

September 10-13 2018 Annual Seminar: Earth system assimilation
September 2-6 2019 Annual Seminar: Subseasonal and seasonal forecasting: recent progress and future prospects


Workshops cover a variety of aspects of the ECMWF operational and research activities. The discussions during these workshops have a substantial effect on the activity of ECMWF in many of the areas which have been taken as topics.

The workshops focus on specialist subjects related to climate monitoring, weather prediction and computing, and vary in length.

2018 calendar

22-25 January

Workshop on observations and analysis of sea-surface temperature and sea ice for NWP and climate applications

8-9 May Workshop: Hydrological services for business
21-24 May Workshop: Radiation in the next generation of of weather forecast models
4 June

Workshop on Member and Co-operating State requirements for ECMWF outputs in support of multi-hazard Early Warning Systems

5-8 June Using ECMWF's forecasts (UEF2018)
9-10 June Hackathon: "Innovate with Open Climate Data"
10-12 July Workshop on physics-dynamics coupling 2018 (PDC18)
13-14 September Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) workshop
24-28 September 18th Workshop on high performance computing in meteorology
15-17 October European Working Group on Operational Meteorological Workstations (EGOWS)
30-31 October 2018 Workshop on developing Python frameworks for earth system sciences

 2019 calendar

22-23 January ARISTOTLE-2 workshop
2-5 April

Workshop on Predictability, dynamics and applications research using the TIGGE and S2S ensembles

3-6 June Using ECMWF's Forecasts (UEF2019)
17-21 June   OpenIFS 5th user workshop 2019
10-14 June Workshop: Observational campaigns for better weather forecasts
14-16 October Workshop: Robust scientific developments with reproducible workflows
18-21 November

Workshop: Stratospheric modelling, predictability and influence on the troposphere

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