About our forecasts

Skilful forecasts for a vast range of users

ECMWF’s global forecasts are recognised as amongst the most skilful in the world. They are used daily by our Member and Co-operating States and other national meteorological services around the world, by WMO to support its activities and for a wide range of commercial and research applications.

Ensemble forecasts looking from days to seasons ahead

Our forecasts span a range of timescales: medium range (up to 15 days ahead); extended range (up to 46 days ahead) and long range (up to one year ahead).

We run ensembles (or groups) of forecasts across all these timescales, which help to determine how the weather is likely to evolve and the chances, for example, of hazardous weather or extremes.

Our Integrated Forecasting System (IFS)

All our operational forecasts are produced with the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System (IFS), which has a global numerical model of the Earth system at its heart.

Artificial Intelligence Forecasting System (AIFS)

In summer 2023, we also started developing a machine learning model, the AIFS. This model is currently in its beta phase, and experimental runs are available on our charts pages.

A wide range of forecast products for our users

We offer charts and data to meet the requirements of our many users. Our charts include synoptic style charts showing the broad-scale weather situation, meteograms and other point-based information, and tropical storm forecasts, to mention just a few. Datasets include real-time forecasts, re-forecasts, analyses and reanalyses.

Our environmental services

We are also involved in a range of environmental services which provide information on air quality, flood and fire risk, and climate change.