Copernicus Emergency Management Service

ECMWF contributes to the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (CEMS), in particular the early warning systems for flood and fire danger.

Copernicus EMS Early Warning and Monitoring offers critical geospatial information at European and global level through continuous observations and forecasts for floods, droughts and forest fires.

ECMWF contributes to early warning systems for flood awareness and forest fire information.

Flood awareness systems

The European Flood Awareness System (EFAS) and Global Flood Awareness System (GloFAS) provide complementary flood forecast information to relevant stakeholders that support flood risk management at the national, regional and global level. They provide information on both ongoing and upcoming flood events, combining information from satellites, models and in-situ measurements to create pan-European/global overview maps of river flood probabilities up to 15 days in advance (30 days for GloFAS), seasonal streamflow outlooks up to 4 months ahead, and flash-flood risk in Europe.

EFAS and GloFAS are products and services of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service. The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission is the entrusted entity responsible for CEMS EFAS and GloFAS in terms of management, technical implementation and evolution. ECMWF is the designated contractor to implement the operational functionalities of the CEMS Hydrological Forecast Computational Centre, CEMS-COMP.

Forest fire and wildfire information systems

ECMWF is the computational centre for the Copernicus Emergency Management Service – Fire. This activity is undertaken in collaboration with Météo‐France.

ECMWF provides fire danger calculations from high-resolution and ensemble forecasts up to 15 days ahead on a daily basis. The data feeds into the European Forest Fire information System (EFFIS) and the Global Wildfire Information System (GWIS). Twice a week and every month we also provide temperature and precipitation anomalies from the extended-range and seasonal system.

EFFIS was established to support the national authorities responsible for management of forest fires in the European Union and neighbouring countries, as well as to provide the European Commission and the European Parliament with reliable information on trends associated with these incidents.