Past events

January 22-25 Training course: Introduction to ECMWF job scheduler:  ecFlow
January 22-25 Workshop on observations and analysis of sea-surface temperature and sea ice for NWP and climate applications
January 26 Symposium: 20 years of 4D-Var
January 29-31 EC-Earth meeting
January 29 - February 2 Training course: Use and interpretation of ECMWF products – OP-I
February 5-9 Training course: Use and interpretation of ECMWF products – OP-II
February 5-7 CO2 Human Emissions Project (CHE) General Assembly
February 19-22 Training course: ecCodes: BUFR
February 26 - March 1 Training course: ecCodes: GRIB
March 12-16 Training course: Data assimilation
March 19-23 Training course: ECMWF/EUMETSAT satellite data assimilation
April 16-20 Training course: Advanced numerical methods for earth system modelling
April 18-20 EUMETNET Observations Scientific Expert Team (Obs-SET) meeting
April 23-27 Training course: Physical parametrization of sub-grid scale processes
April 30 - May 4 Training course: Predictability and ensemble forecast systems
May 8-9 Workshop: Hydrological services for business
May 9-11 Annual Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Global Water Sustainability (GEOGLOWS) Business meeting
May 21-24 Workshop: Radiation in the next generation of weather forecast models
June 4 Workshop on Member and Co-operating State requirements for ECMWF outputs in support of multi-hazard Early Warning Systems
June 5-8 Using ECMWF's forecasts (UEF)
June 9-10 Hackathon: "Innovate with Open Climate Data"

Upcoming events

July 10-12 3rd workshop on Physics Dynamics Coupling 2018 (PDC18)
September 10-13 Annual seminar: Earth system assimilation
September 13-14 Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) workshop
September 24-28 18th Workshop on high performance computing in meteorology
October 1-3 Training course: Use and interpretation of ECMWF products - OP-III
October 15-17 Annual meeting of the European Working Group on Operational meteorological Workstations (EGOWS)
October 30-31 2018 Workshop on developing Python frameworks for earth system sciences
January 28-30 APPLICATE General Assembly 2019
April 2-5   Workshop on Predictability, dynamics and applications research using the TIGGE and S2S ensembles
September 2-6 Annual Seminar: Extended and long range predictions


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