Our video collection contains short videos introducing ECMWF and our work with partners around the world, along with explainers on key concepts such as ensemble forecasting and 4D-Var data assimilation.

B-roll of our data centre and office is also available for media outlets and partners. The same terms of use apply as for other content on our website. To enquire for B-roll footage please contact the press office by email.

Our ‘Brief introduction to ECMWF’ (approx. 1:30 mins) is available in several different languages.

Highlighted videos

ECMWF celebrates 20 years of 4D-Var

This video marks 25 years of ensemble forecasting at ECMWF. Lead Scientist Roberto Buizza, Director
An overview of ECMWF collaboration events. Download the full MP4 version:

Installation of ECMWF new supercomputer. Download the full MOV version:

Sarah Jane Lock talks about stochastic representations for model uncertainty and ensenble
Laure talks about the two ensemble prediction systems used by Météo-France (12 September 2017).