• Video screens at the EGU 2017 conference
    9 May 2017

    Numerical weather prediction featured prominently in talks about climate change and extreme events at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna from 23 to 28 April 2017.

  • Passenger plane flying through clouds
    3 May 2017

    New aircraft wind data could be fed into numerical weather prediction (NWP) models to boost the quality of forecasts, according to a group of experts who met at ECMWF from 24 to 26 April.

  • EUMETSAT Met-Op satellite
    26 April 2017

    How best to use satellite observations of microwave signals affected by clouds and precipitation in numerical weather prediction is a thorny problem. ECMWF scientists including Alan Geer have been working on it for many years – with remarkable success.

  • Cover of ECMWF Newsletter No. 151
    12 April 2017

    The spring 2017 issue of the ECMWF Newsletter is now available. As well as news about ECMWF staff and events, it features articles about new developments and the use that can be made of ECMWF products.

  • EFI precipitation for Saudi Arabia, Feb 2017
    10 April 2017

    ECMWF is a long-time partner in the World Meteorological Organization’s capacity building work. It is now applying its expertise in numerical weather prediction to help assess operational capabilities in WMO member countries.

  • ECMWF training course
    6 April 2017

    The last of this year’s season of ECMWF training courses on numerical weather prediction will look into how predictable the atmosphere and related parts of the Earth system are.

  • An Argo float is deployed into the ocean (photo: CSIRO)
    3 April 2017

    ECMWF has extended its weather observation monitoring system to ocean observations and has begun to publish the results on its website.

  • Xavier Abellan
    29 March 2017

    A dedicated team at ECMWF provides support and advice to an international set of users of ECMWF’s computing and data resources, including the high-performance computing facility. Multi-talented Xavier Abellan is part of the crew.

  • UEF2017 graphic and dates
    27 March 2017

    Registration is still open for this year’s ‘Using ECMWF’s Forecasts’ meeting, UEF2017. Join us for a week of talks, workshops and demonstrations exploring the use of ECMWF data in forecasting severe weather.

  • World Meteorological Day 2017 poster
    23 March 2017

    World Meteorological Day 2017 is dedicated to ‘Understanding Clouds’. The theme was chosen by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to highlight the huge importance of clouds for weather and climate.

  • 5th International Conference on Reanalysis announcement
    21 March 2017

    The EU-funded Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) operated by ECMWF is holding the 5th International Conference on Reanalysis (ICR5) from 13 to 17 November 2017 in Rome, Italy.

  • Flooded campsite
    17 March 2017

    Some 70 scientists, developers and emergency managers from across Europe came together at ECMWF from 15 to 17 March to drive forward a project that aims to provide forecasts of weather impacts, such as damage from wind storms, floods and heat waves.

  • Idealised tropical cyclone simulation, vertical section
    14 March 2017

    As the European Research Council (ERC) celebrates its tenth anniversary, an ERC-funded frontier research project hosted by ECMWF is making decisive progress in exploring novel numerical methods for weather prediction and climate projection.

  • Open data hackathon at ECMWF 4 and 5 March 2017 (Photo: Maurizio Latini)
    10 March 2017

    Twenty teams worked day and night at the #OpenDataHack event hosted by ECMWF on 4 and 5 March to explore creative uses of open weather and climate data.

  • Hourglass in the sky
    8 March 2017

    For weather forecasts to be useful, they must be delivered in a timely manner. On 7 March, ECMWF started disseminating medium-range probabilistic forecasts to its users 40 minutes earlier than before.

  • Artist's impression of proposed new ECMWF data centre
    1 March 2017

    ECMWF’s Council has mandated Director-General Florence Rabier to prepare a high-level agreement with the Italian Government on a new data centre, for approval by Council at its next session.

  • Cloudscape above a plain
    23 February 2017

    Experts in numerical weather prediction will converge on the Centre on 8 June for a symposium on dynamic meteorology to mark the departure of ECMWF’s Director of Research of eight years, Erland Källén.

  • Annual Seminar 2017 registration open
    16 February 2017

    On 24 November 1992, ECMWF started producing probabilistic or 'ensemble' forecasts. Since then, ensemble forecasting at the Centre has been going from strength to strength.

  • Eduardo Penabad Ramos
    10 February 2017

    The EU-funded Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) operated by ECMWF is trialling a multi-system seasonal forecast service. Behind the scenes, ECMWF scientist Eduardo Penabad Ramos helped to prepare the ground for the successful launch.