H-SAF and HEPEX workshops on coupled hydrology


The combined H-SAF and HEPEX workshops on coupled hydrology were held on the following dates:

  • 3-6 November 2014: H-SAF
  • 5-7 November 2014: HEPEX


The two workshops were organised next to each other and offered an opportunity to exchange information and interact within the hydrological and NWP communities. H-SAF and HEPEX tend to be complementary in expertise so that bringing them together can fuel discussions towards new applications.

The HEPEX part of the workshop was co-sponsored by the UNESCO International Hydrology Programme's "Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data (FRIEND)" programme.

H-SAF Workshop objectives

The EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility (SAF) on support to operational hydrology and water management (H-SAF)  aims at developing and delivering operational satellite derived products of precipitation, snow and soil moisture as well as continuous validation of these products.

The workshop (H-SAF CDOP-2)  was hosted by ECMWF. It combined expertise of NWP and hydrological communities, for better implementation of satellite products in NWP systems and hydrologic models. 

  • To review the status of hydrological variables retrieval algorithms and exchange information and ideas on innovative approaches to prepare future satellites (e.g. GPM and NPOESS), 
  • To characterise the hydrological products accuracy and discuss the validation metrics,
  • To review the status of activities on model optimisation and hydrological products data assimilation and  to discuss the impact of products on hydrological models,
  • To promote the use of H-SAF products and attract interest for expanding the user community during CDOP-2 phase and follow-on.
HEPEX Workshop objectives

The HEPEX (Hydrological Ensemble Prediction Experiment) mission is to demonstrate the added value of hydrological ensemble predictions (HEPEX) for emergency management and water resources sectors to make decisions that have important consequences for economy, public health and safety.

HEPEX concentrates on key questions such as: what adaptations are required for meteorological ensemble systems to be coupled with hydrological ensemble systems? How should the existing hydrological ensemble prediction systems be modified to account for all sources of uncertainty within a forecast? What is the best way for the user community to take advantage of ensemble forecasts and to make better decisions based on them? The aim of this workshop was:

  • to showcase methods in pre-processing of NWP products as input into hydrological forecasting chains (contribution to the HEPEX Scientific Implementation Plan on Pre-processing),
  • to demonstrate data assimilation in operational hydro-meteorological forecasting chains (contribution to the HEPEX Scientific Implementation Plan on Data assimilation). A particular focus will be on new measurements as e.g. provided by the H-SAF community.


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Videosof the presentations

Welcome H-SAF Project Manager
Luigi De Leonibus (CNMCA)
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H-SAF and link to EUMETSAT satellite programme
Lothar Schueller (EUMETSAT)
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Soil moisture session
The role of soil moisture for land surface-atmosphere interaction processes
Bob Su (University of Twente)
PDF icon
Information Content of ASCAT Soil Moisture Data
Wolfgang Wagner (GEO/TU Wien)
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Impact of different resampling methods on soil moisture and preparations for the SCA instrument
Sebastian Hahn (TU Wien)
PDF icon
Assimilation of H-SAF soil moisture products for hydrological modelling in Mediterranean catchments
Christian Massari (CNR/IRPI)
PDF icon
Cross validation of satellite product over France through their integration into a land surface model
Jean-Christophe Calvet (Météo-France)
PDF icon
Global monitoring of root zone soil moisture from scatterometer data assimilation : methodology and validation
Clément Albergel (ECMWF)
PDF icon
Assimilation of satellite soil moisture data in a distributed hydrological model: impact on the hydrological cycle in some Italian basins
Simone Gabellani (CIMA foundation)
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Precipitation session
Estimating precipitation from surface and satellite systems: managing expectation
Chris Kidd (NASA/GSFC, University of Maryland)
PDF icon
Passive microwave precipitation retrieval: potentials, challenges, and future perspectives within H-SAF
Giulia Panegrossi (ISAC - CNR   Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate)
PDF icon
H-SAF Passive microwave precipitation retrieval algorithms: current status overview and analysis of results
Paolo Sanò (CNR-ISAC )
PDF icon
The H-SAF future developments on Convective Precipitation Retrieval
Davide Melfi (CNMCA)
PDF icon
The activity of validation
Gianfranco Vulpiani (Department of Civil Protection)
PDF icon
Assimilating precipitation-related observations into global NWP models
Alan Geer (ECMWF)
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Hydrological validation of H–SAF Precipitation Product on Polish basins from different regions (lowland, upland, mountainous catchments)
Michal Kasina (Institute of Meteorology and Water Management) 
PDF icon
Hydrological validation of H–SAF Precipitation Products -Case study Mai/June flood 2013 in Central Europe
Peter Krahe (Federal Institute of Hydrology)
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The use of HSAF products in Weather Warning System
Massimiliano Morucci (Italia Air Force - National Weather Service)
PDF icon
Introduction of radar data quality control procedure in Poland and its impact on validation of H-SAF precipitation products
Bozena Lapeta (IMGW)
PDF icon
HSAF GV network systems
Federico Porcù (UniFe)
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Snow session
Outlook for satellite-derived snow products
Edward Kim (NASA)
PDF icon
Current state of snow remote sensing observations, future direction and remaining challenges
Melody Sandells (Reading University)
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Ensemble Stream Flow Forecasts through the Data Assimilation of H-SAF Snow Products
Aynur Sensoy (Anadolu University)
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Using satellite-derived snow information in NWP: assessing products for assimilation into the Met Office UK forecasting model
Samantha Pullen (UKMO)
PDF icon
The use of H-SAF snow products on mountainous areas
Zuhal Akyürek (Middle East Technical University)
PDF icon
H-SAF Snow products and their use in applications
Matias Takala (FMI)
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ECMWF Snow data assimilation
Patricia de Rosnay (ECMWF)
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Joint H-SAF HEPEX session
HEPEX introduction to H-SAF
Fredrik Wetterhall (ECMWF)
PDF icon
Use of HSAF in HEPEX system (The European Flood Awareness System)
Peter Salamon (JRC)
PDF icon
H-SAF introduction to HEPEX
Flavio Gattari (Telespazio)
PDF icon
Assimilation of H–SAF Snow Water Equivalent and Soil Moisture products into the rainfall-runoff model HBV
Dmytro Lisniak (BfG)
Agricultural Drought Monitoring based on remote sensing data and the use of ECMWF data to support FAO Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS)
Oscar Rojas (Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO)
PDF icon
WMO's Expectations on Applications of Satellite Information to Hydrology and Water Resources
Julius Wellens-Mensah (WMO)
PDF icon
Assimilating H-SAF Snow Product Data (snow coverage, snow water equivalent and soil moisture) into a rainfall-runoff conceptual model
Rodolfo Alvarado (University Duisburg-Essen and Deltares)
PDF icon
The value of hydrological ensemble predictions for reservoir inflow management
Maria-Helena Ramos (IRSTEA)
PDF icon
Improved understanding of flood extremes
Hannah Cloke (Reading University, FRIEND network)
PDF icon
Current and future developments in high resolution ensemble forecasting at the Flood Forecasting Centre
Adrian Wynn (Flood Forecasting Centre, Met Office)
PDF icon
Assimilation of snow data in ensemble streamflow prediction
Kristie Franz (Iowa State University)
PDF icon
Snow assimilation for river streamflow
Yuqiong Liu (NASA)
PDF icon
Assimilation of satellite observations into hydrological forecasting
Albert van Dijk (Australian National University)
PDF icon
Calibration in hydrology
Luis Samaniego (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ)
PDF icon
Post-processing ECMWF precipitation and temperature ensemble reforecasts for operational hydrologic forecasting at various spatial scales
Jan Verkade (i. Deltares; ii. Rijkswaterstaat River Forecasting Service iii. Delft University of Technology)
PDF icon
Operational hydrometeorological forecasting activities of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Tom Pagano (Australian Bureau of Meteorology)
PDF icon
Data assimilation of flood inundation
Patrick Matgen (Lippmann)
PDF icon
OpenDA/Discharge assimilation
Albrecht Weerts (Deltares)
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Luigi De Leonibus and H-SAF Project Management Team | E: hsafcdop@meteoam.it

Local organizers: Patricia de Rosnay and Clément Albergel


External Scientific Advisory Committee: Albrecht Weerts (Deltares) for HEPEX, Hannah L. Cloke (Reading University) for FRIEND.

Local organizers: Florian Pappenberger and Fredrik Wetterhall

Administrative assistance for both workshops is provided by Karen Clarke

E: rd-workshop@lists.ecmwf.int