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EFI and SOT 2 metre temperature over Extended range

Base Time: Tue 28 May 2024 00 UTC T+312 Valid time: Mon 03 Jun 2024 00 UTC - Mon 10 Jun 2024 00 UTC

The Extended Forecast Index (EFI) represented by the colour shading provides specialized forecast guidance for anomalous or extreme weather events by comparing the ensemble forecast members with the model climate for the chosen location, time of year and forecast lead time.
The Shift of Tails (SOT) index complements the EFI by providing information about how extreme an anomalous event might be. Note that the charts indicate an average of the 2m temperature over successive one-week periods.

A detailed description of the extended range Extreme forecast Index and Shift of Tails products can be found in ECMWF Forecast User Guide.

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