ECMWF Newsletter #175

New observations January – March 2023


The following new observations have been activated in the operational ECMWF assimilation system during January – March 2023.

Observations Main impact Activation date
Atmospheric Motion Vectors from GOES-18 (replacing GOES-17) Tropospheric wind 12 January 2023
Clear Sky Radiances from GOES-18 (replacing GOES-17) Tropospheric humidity and wind 12 January 2023
Additional SYNOP observations from Hungary Local near-surface fields 19 January 2023
AOD from S-NPP and NOAA-20 VIIRS Aerosol in COMPO suite 1 February 2023
Nadir O3 profiles from NOAA-20 OMPS Ozone in COMPO suite 1 February 2023
Radiances from MWHS-2 on FY-3E Tropospheric humidity and wind 22 February 2023
Additional SYNOP observations from Greece Local near-surface fields 6 March 2023
Atmospheric Motion Vectors from Meteosat-10 (replacing Meteosat-11) Tropospheric wind 23 March 2023
Additional radio occultation bending angles from Spire Temperature and winds in upper troposphere/lower stratosphere 28 March 2023
All-Sky Radiances from Meteosat-10 (replacing Meteosat-11) Tropospheric humidity and wind 29 March 2023