New interpolation package MIR ready for testing

The new ECMWF interpolation package MIR (see ECMWF Newsletter No. 152) is now ready for testing by users of the MARS archive.

A version of the MARS client using MIR (MARS/MIR) is available on all ECMWF platforms and can be accessed using the command ‘mars -m’. It can also be tested using the ECMWF Web API adding the key word ‘ppengine=mir’. MARS/MIR is not considered ready for production at this point and should only be used for testing purposes.

MARS users are encouraged to test this new MARS/MIR client with their usual workload and report any problems or feedback to ECMWF.

The expected timeline for the operational implementation of MARS/MIR is as follows:

  •  June 2018: Release of a MARS/MIR client considered ready for production. The old MARS/EMOSLIB client will still be the default.
  • Autumn 2018: MARS/MIR becomes the default version at ECMWF. The old MARS/EMOSLIB will still be accessible, but there will be no further updates to it.

Users can find more information about MARS/MIR in the ECMWF User Documentation wiki space, including the main differences and known issues:

This page will be updated to reflect any changes or new features, including the exact implementation dates. You may want to ‘watch’ this page to be notified about those updates.