More South American NMHS use ECMWF products

Umberto Modigliani, Emma Pidduck


Three more South American national meteorological and hydrological services (NMHS) have signed up for 

ECMWF web and data products in recent months. Following the emergency provision of real-time data during floods in Peru in March 2017 (see ECMWF Newsletter No. 152), ECMWF signed a new full NMHS non-commercial licence with the Peruvian Meteorological and Hydrological Service (SENAMHI). The one-year contract started on 28 December 2017. It gives access to both real-time data and web products (ecCharts). Also in December, a similar licence was signed with the Chilean weather service (Dirección Meteorológica de Chile). In February 2018, ECMWF also signed a new web NMHS non-commercial licence with Ecuador. The contract is for one year and gives Ecuador access to web products (ecCharts). The following South American countries have full NMHS non-commercial licences: Chile, Colombia, and Peru. In addition to these countries, Argentina and Ecuador have a web NMHS non-commercial licence.

The price for a full NMHS non-commercial licence is 42,000 euros per year while that for a web NMHS non-commercial licence is 3,500 euros per year. For more information on available licences, see the ECMWF licences web page: