Workshop on Copernicus Climate Change Services

The workshop on Copernicus Climate Change Services took place at ECMWF on 17-18 February 2014


In light of the European Copernicus Climate Change Service (CCCS) but also the many national initiatives in climate services and the WMO's Global Framework on Climate Services, ECMWF Council asked the Centre to convene a workshop of the climate services community in Europe. The aim of the workshop to bring the community together to discuss what components a European climate change service might ideally be comprised of. This had to factor in what national activities are envisaged, what European users might require from such a service, and what potential there is from the emerging climate science. It was deemed essential for the success of the workshop that the breadth of Climate Services across Europe be represented appropriately during the presentations and discussions.

The workshop took place at ECMWF on 17-18 February 2014. The first day was dedicated to keynote presentations describing the existing European (and international) landscape of Climate Services, as well as discussing the currently available information regarding the EU's vision of Copernicus Climate Change Services articulated within four broad areas:

  • Climate Data Store (including infrastructure, climate reanalyses, projections, ECV generation, etc.)
  • Sectoral Information System (including mapping of the Sectors, product development and customization, user support, etc.)
  • Evaluation and Quality Control (including user engagement via workshops and surveys, product quality assessment protocols, etc.)
  • Outreach (including liaison with public authorities, publicity, website developments, etc.)

The second day was dedicated to working group discussions, defining the content and scope of each of these areas, followed by a plenary session to provide recommendations to ECMWF Council on the scope of the Climate Service.


PDF iconProgramme 



Rupa Kumar Kolli (WMO)

PDF icon

National Climate Services in Europe

Chris Hewitt (UKMO)

PDF icon

EU research activities underpinning Climate Services

Albert Klein-Tank (KNMI)

PDF icon

Outline of the Copernicus Climate Change Service

Bernard Pinty (EU)

PDF icon

Climate data store: Content

Mark Doherty (ESA)

PDF icon

Climate data store: Data Services

Jeff Privette (NOAA/NCDC)

PDF icon

Evaluation and QC: Data perspective

Adrian Simmons (GCOS)

PDF icon

Evaluation and QC: User perspective

Guy Brasseur (CSC)

PDF icon

Scientific and Process Oriented Evaluation of Climate Data

Jörg Schultz (EUMETSAT)

PDF icon

Sectoral information: User Requirements

Robert Vautard (IPSL)

PDF icon

Sectoral information: Policy needs and Climate-Adapt

Andre Jol (EEA)

PDF icon

Climate Services for Climate Action: The EU Adaptation Policy

Alfonso Gutiérrez Teira (EC)

PDF icon

Outreach and Dissemination: User Perspective

Stephen Zebiak (IRI)

PDF icon

Outreach and Dissemination: Experience with Core-Climax

Hilppa Gregow (FMI)

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Working groups

Climate Data Store

Chair: Mark Doherty, secretary: Dick Dee

PDF icon

Sect. Inf. System

Chair: Robert Vautard, secretary: Jean-Noël Thépaut

PDF icon

Evaluation and QC

Chair: Jörg Schultz, secretary: Vincent-Henri Peuch

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Outreach and Dissemination

Chair: Stephen Zebiak, secretary: Erik Andersson

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PDF iconPlenary report