Observation monitoring workshop

The EUMETNET Observations Programme and ECMWF hosted the first Observation Monitoring Workshop on 3-4 July 2013.


The workshop discussed a number of topics on the monitoring of the conventional (non-satellite) observing system. This included the interaction between monitoring centres, and how this may help to improve the overall monitoring and feedback to observation providers. Another related important aspect is the WMO guidelines for observation monitoring - these have not been reviewed for some time and may need updating. The WMO rules/guidelines are currently in the WMO Manual on the GDPFS (No. 485). There is a brief description in Part II, Section 2. Then more details in Appendices II-1, II-2, II-3. Finally in Attachment II.9 the procedures we use for the production of our monitoring reports for WMO.

Workshop topics
  • Are the WMO rules and guidelines up-to-date?
  • Current Monitoring facilities/ infrastructure (ECMWF, EUCOS QMP, other international activities, WMO)
  • Which data characteristics should be monitored? [data availability, data timeliness and data accuracy (comparison against model)] What else has to be monitored?
  • What are the appropriate metrics for monitoring these characteristics/parameters?
  • Any special items concerning specific meteorological variables (e.g. radar derived precipitation data)?
  • Conclusions, next steps and way forward


PDF iconProgramme


WMO CBS Observation Monitoring guidelines

David Richardson (ECMWF and Chair CBS ET-OWFPS)

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ECMWF monitoring

David Richardson (ECMWF)

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EUCOS Quality Monitoring

Tanja Kleinert (EUCOS)

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Overview of the requirements for observations monitoring and currently existing observations monitoring infrastructure from the perspective of ET-SBO

Stuart Goldstraw, Met Office (Chair ET-SBO)

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Observation monitoring from the GCOS perspective

Tim Oakley (GCOS)

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SRNWP feedback on monitoring standards

Gergely Boloni (SRNWP)

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Monitoring radar derived precipitation data, satellite data

Bernard Urban (Meteo-France)

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Discussion: Who has to be monitored?; What are appropriate metrics?; Items concerning specific meteorological variables

Stefan Klink, EUCOS

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