Workshop on Representation of sub-grid processes using stochastic- dynamic models

A Workshop on Representation of sub-grid processes using stochastic-dynamic models was held from 6 to 8 June 2005.


The workshop explored new ideas on the representation of sub-grid processes in weather and climate models, using computationally-cheap stochastic-dynamic systems. These included the use of additive or multiplicative noise in the tendency equations, stochastic parameters in conventional parametrisation schemes, and stochastic cellular automata schemes. The impact of such schemes on ensemble forecast skill were discussed, and compared with multi-model ensemble forecast systems. The impact stochastic sub-grid schemes can have on model systematic error was also a focus of the workshop.


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Stochastic modelling of the oceanic eddies

P S Berloff

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Parameterising the multiscale structure of organised convection using a cellular automaton

J Berner

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Statistical mechanics and stochastic convective parameterisation

G C Craig

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Stochastic-dynamic analyses of subscale processes - Observations in the tropics and applications in a GCM

K Fraedrich

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Spectral transfer of TKE and scalar variance in the meso- and micro-scale range: direction of the average flow and the significance of backscatter

H Jonker

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Coarse grained stochastic models for tropical convection and climate

B Khouider

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Toward stochastic deep convective parameterization

J W-B Lin

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Stochastic dynamics of sea-surface winds

A H Monahan

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Convective dynamics issues at ~10 km grid-resolution

M W Moncrieff

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Stochastic-dynamic parametrisation in weather and climate prediction models: An introduction.

T N Palmer

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Sensitivity of an ocean model to "details" of stochastic forcing

C Penland

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Issues in stochastic parametrization

P D Sardeshmukh

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Kinetic energy backscatter for NWP models and its calibration

G Shutts

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Stochastic effects in the representation of stratocumulus-topped mixed layers

B Stevens

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Stochastic sub-grid scale models and the spectral kink

S J Thomas

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Stochastic input to convection based on sub-grid temperature and humidity distributions

A Tompkins

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