Catalogue of ECMWF real-time products

The Catalogue outlines the real-time meteorological and oceanographic products available from the ECMWF forecasting system for use by licence holders.

Readers are expected to have a background knowledge of atmospheric or oceanographic sciences and are encouraged to consult the ECMWF Forecast User Guide.

Other forms of meteorological and oceanographic services and products are available via the National Meteorological Services of ECMWF's Member States.

Group A: High resolution forecast

Group B: Ensemble forecast up to the extended range

Group C: Seasonal forecast

  • Set V - Seasonal 7-month forecast (SEAS)
    SEAS comprises ensembles of individual forecasts coupled to an ocean model and post-processed products of average conditions (e.g. monthly averages) with the associated uncertainty. Products are available up to 7 months ahead.

Web products

  • This licence provides access to ecCharts, which is ECMWF's interactive interface for visualising ECMWF real-time data (note: no raw data is accessible from this interface).