For NHMSs of ECMWF states

Our full range of products is freely available to national hydrological and meteorological services (NHMSs) of ECMWF member and co-operating states. You must first be granted access via your country's official ECMWF computing representative.

For everyone

Public datasets and open charts are freely available to all and don't need to be ordered (conditions of use still apply).

For current and prospective licencees

We also make some products available under licence. These can be ordered by following the links below (costs may apply):

After placing your order

Your order for real-time data, the European cut-out, ecCharts, or archive data will be sent to the relevant Catalogue Contact Point(s) or ECMWF who will act as your licensor.

Quotation and negotiation

Your licensor will contact you with a price quotation and discuss your needs to refine your data requirements and help optimise your request to save you time and money, and to ensure you get the most appropriate products and the right licence type.

Real-time data may be delivered directly by ECMWF or via the Member or Co-operating State National Meteorological Service chosen. This choice needs to be specified at this stage.

Please note that from 01 December 2023, ECMWF no longer offers trials for real-time data dissemination.  To evaluate our products, please review the existing Open Data catalogue. 

Licensing and real-time data dissemination set-up

If you decide to go ahead, your licensor will prepare the standard licence agreement for your signature.

If you have ordered real-time data your licensor will guide you through the set-up of your data dissemination.