After placing your order

Your order for real-time data, archive data, or ecCharts will be sent to the relevant Catalogue Contact Point(s) or ECMWF who will act as your licensor.

Quotation and negotiation

Your licensor will contact you with a price quotation and discuss your needs to refine your data requirements and help optimise your request to save you time and money, and to ensure you get the most appropriate products and the right licence type.

Real-time data may be delivered directly by ECMWF or via the Member or Co-operating State National Meteorological Service chosen. This choice needs to be specified at this stage.

Free one-month trial disseminations of real-time data can be offered to prospective customers at ECMWF's discretion. These trials are for testing data ingestion and quality, not for development, commercial, or operational purposes.

Licensing and real-time data dissemination set-up

If you decide to go ahead, your licensor will prepare the standard licence agreement for your signature.

If you have ordered real-time data your licensor will guide you through the set-up of your data dissemination.