The ECMWF Council is made up of representatives from ECMWF's Member States and meets twice a year. The Council elects a President and Vice-President from its membership. These are both appointed for one year and may not be re-elected more than twice in a row.

The Council also includes two representatives from each Member State, one of whom must come from the national meteorological service of that country. A representative from the World Meteorological Organization, EUMETSAT, EUMETNET and ECOMET is always invited to take part in the Council's meetings as an observer.

The Council adopts measures to implement the ECMWF Convention. Its responsibilities include:

  • admitting new members
  • authorising the Director-General to negotiate and conclude co-operation agreements
  • adopting:
    • the long-term strategy and the programme of activities of the Centre
    • the Financial Regulations and the Staff Regulations
    • the scale of financial contributions of the Member States
    • the annual budget
  • appointing the Director-General of the Centre and his or her deputy
  • taking decisions concerning any immovable property and equipment.

At its meetings, the Council receives a report from the Director-General and advice from the advisory committees.

PDF icon Rules of Procedure for Council


Dr Daniel Gellens, Belgium
Director, Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium


Prof Penny Endersby, UK
Chief Executive, Met Office

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21-22 June 2023 - virtual

7 - 8 December 2023 - Reading

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