New product generation software implemented

Umberto Modigliani


Following extensive testing, ECMWF has successfully implemented a new, more efficient and modernproduct generation software package called ‘pgen’. The new software is now used for the generation of all tailored data products sent to Member and Co-operating States and all users. This new software has been developed over the past few years and takes full advantage of the new Meteorological Interpolation and Regridding (MIR) library, which was implemented operationally in early 2019. The new pgen software provides a scalable and more efficient way for user-tailored post-processing of Integrated Forecasting System output. It replaces a very old software package and will facilitate maintenance and development to support user requirements over the next few years. The new design is expected to provide a more robust service and reduce the number of delays in product generation. For more information on this new software, see:

The migration of several hundred users went very smoothly. ECMWF would like to thank all users for their cooperation during this migration.