New distribution channel for ECMWF software

Stephan Siemen, Iain Russell


ECMWF has made its software packages ecCodes, Magics, Metview and CodesUI available from the conda package manager, which is popular within the Python community. With the help of the software company Old Reliable Tech, ECMWF’s software packages have been added to the conda-forge channel. This development provides external users of ECMWF’s software with a straightforward way of installing it on various platforms without the need to install dependencies themselves or compile code. ecCodes, Magics and CodesUI are available through conda on Linux, macOS and Windows. Metview is available on Linux and macOS. For example, to install Metview and its Python interface on their machine, a user would only need to type these commands in their conda shell:

conda install -c conda-forge metview

pip install metview

As with all new developments, ECMWF would appreciate feedback on this development and suggestions to make it easier to install its software.

Using conda. Here Metview can be seen running on macOS installed via conda.