SRNWP LS-ET Working day

On the 5th of September 2011 ECMWF hosted a Short Range Numerical Weather Prediction consortium (SRNWP), Land Surface Expert Team (LS-ET) working-day at ECMWF.


The objective was to review land surface recent advances in Europe both on land modelling and on land data assimilation aspects.



Jean-François Mahfouf (Meteo-France)

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Presentation of COSMO activities

Martin Lange (DWD)

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Presentation of ALADIN activities

Rafiq Hamdi (Meteo-France)

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Presentation of ALADIN/LACE activities

Jean-François Mahfouf (Meteo-France)

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Presentation of HIRLAM activities

Laura Rontu (FMI)

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Presentation of Met Office activities

Martin Best & Gabriel Rooney (Met Office)

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Presentation of ECMWF LSM activities

Gianapolo Balsamo & Souhail Boussetta (ECMWF)

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Presentations of ECMWF LDAS activities

Patricia de Rosnay, Clément Albergel & Joaquin Munoz-Sabater (ECMWF)

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