Annual Seminar 2015

The Annual Seminar on Physical processes in present and future large-scale models was held at ECMWF from 1 to 4 September 2015

Increasingly models are being developed and used at higher resolution. However, many physical processes remain unresolved and need to be parametrized. Even the highest-resolution limited area models still need a parametrized representation of shallow convection, turbulence, microphysics, radiation and land surface processes. Schemes for deep convection and sub-grid orography will still be needed in the foreseeable future for global NWP and climate models.

The seminar gave an overview of the relevant issues. Emphasis was on the understanding, observation and representation of processes across scales. This is particularly relevant at very high-resolution where part of the process, e.g. convection and small scale orography, is resolved.

Each process was covered by few lectures in which fundamentals, parameterization and impact of the process will be presented in a pedagogical way. Additional topics are: the role of physical processes in data assimilation, verification and the representation of uncertainty in ensemble systems.

 Seminar aims

The seminar is part of ECMWF's educational programme and is aimed at young scientists but also to more established scientists that want to engage more with the challenges of representing physical processes in models.

 Presentations, summaries and recordings

Tuesday 1 SeptemberPresentationSummaryRecording

Erland Källén (ECMWF)

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Introduction to parametrization development
Anton Beljaars (ECMWF)

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Fundamentals of radiation
Keith Shine (University of Reading)

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Fast radiative transfer models and representation of clouds
Robin Hogan (ECMWF)

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Verification of radiation in large-scale models
Martin Wild (ETH Zürich)

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Superparametrization in climate and what do we learn from high-resolution
Marat Khairoutdinov (Stony Brook University)

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Parametrized convective heating and large-scale waves
Peter Bechtold (ECMWF)

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High-resolution forecasts of summer convection
Martin Köhler

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Wednesday 2 SeptemberPresentationSummaryRecording

Seamless prediction of weather and climate: an opportunity and a challenge for physical parametrization development
François Bouyssel (Météo-France)

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The representation of cloud microphysics in numerical weather prediction models
Jason Milbrandt (Environment Canada)

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Representing subgrid heterogeneity of cloud and precipitation
Richard Forbes (ECMWF)

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Evaluating and improving simulation of clouds
Andrew Gettelman (NCAR)

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Gravity waves: introduction and global view
Peter Preusse (Forschungszentrum  Jülich GmbH)

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Ground-based and airbourne observations of stratospheric and mesospheric gravity waves
Andreas Dörnbrack (DLR)

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Representation of sub-grid orography in models
Steve Derbyshire (Met office)

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Arctic boundary layers
Gunilla Svensson (Stockholm University)
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Thursday 3 SeptemberPresentationSummaryRecording
Impact of diffusion in stable layers and orographic drag
Irina Sandu (ECMWF)
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PBL-cloud/convection interaction
Chris Bretherton (University of Washington)
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Coupling between clouds and their large-scale environment: using observations to constrain models
Louise Nuijens (MPI)
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Land surface processes and interaction with the atmosphere
Paul Dirmeyer (George Mason University)
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Land surface schemes
Aaron Boone (Meteo-France)
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Land water and energy budgets and their impacts on extremes
Sonia Seneviratne (ETH Zurich)

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Representation of model uncertainties for ensemble forecasts
Sarah-Jane Lock (ECMWF)
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Model climate diagnostics

Linus Magnusson (ECMWF)

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Friday 4 SeptemberPresentationSummaryRecording
The challenges of linearized physics
Philippe Lopez (ECMWF)
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Applications of linearized physics
Marta Janisková (ECMWF)
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Assimilation of cloud and rain from satellite
Alan Geer (ECMWF)
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Grid and sub-grid scale processes in tracer transport modelling
Saulo Freitas (CPTEC)
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Programme co-ordinator: Dr Anton Beljaars

Seminar administration: Karen Clarke