ECMWF/EUMETSAT NWP-SAF Workshop on efficient representation of hyperspectral infrared satellite observations

The ECMWF / EUMETSAT NWP-SAF workshop on efficient representation of hyperspectral infrared satellite observations was held from 5 to 7 November 2013.


By making radiance measurements in many thousands of channels, hyperspectral infrared satellite observations such as those from AIRS, IASI and CrIS provide comprehensive and highly detailed information on the atmospheric state and composition. However, exploiting this wealth of information in an efficient manner - that meets the demands of real-time operational NWP and environmental prediction - presents significant scientific and technical challenges. This workshop will focus on optimizing dissemination practices to allow data compression with minimal information loss, together with the development of novel data assimilation techniques that can efficiently convey this information to the analysis.


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Tuesday 5 November  
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Data compression – a data producer perspective

Ken Holmlund (EUMETSAT)


Data compression – data user perspective

Andrew Collard (NOAA/NCEP)

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Technical lossless / near lossless data compression

Nigel Atkinson (UK Met Office)

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IASI PC compression – Searching for signal in the residuals

Tim Hultberg (EUMETSAT)

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Use of retrievals for data compression and assimilation

Stefano Migliorini (ECMWF / NCEO University of Reading)

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Direct assimilation of PCA data for global NWP

Marco Matricardi (ECMWF)

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Assimilation of PCA reconstructed radiances for global NWP

Fiona Smith (UK Met Office)

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Options for handling clouds in compressed IR spectra

Tony McNally (ECMWF)

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Wednesday 6 November  

Data compression – Environmental data perspective

Antje Inness (ECMWF)

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Data compression – Regional data user perspective

Vincent Guidard (METEO France)  

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Use of hyperspectral infrared satellite observations for climate reanalyses

Paul Poli (ECMWF)

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Error diagnostics for PC scores assimilation

Niels Bormann (ECMWF)

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