ECMWF/ELDAS Workshop on Land surface Assimilation

ECMWF and the European Union Project ELDAS (Development of a European Land Data Assimilation System to predict Floods and Droughts) jointly organized a Workshop on Land Surface Assimilation which took place from 8 to 11 November 2004 at ECMWF. This was the closing workshop for ELDAS.


Land surface processes have a dramatic effect on near surface atmospheric variables such as temperature and specific humidity, affect continental scale temperature through a considerable part of the troposphere and interact strongly with precipitation. Data assimilation is necessary to constrain model drift, bringing the model state closer to observations. This is particularly important given the large sensitivity of model integrations to the initial conditions of surface variables, e.g., root zone soil water. Despite this, most Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) centres use very simplified ways for initialising the land surface, ranging from nudging to climatology to optimal interpolation of proxy data.

Compared to atmospheric assimilation, land surface assimilation has received much less attention. The workshop will discuss current and future conventional and remote sensing data, and the critical issues related to data assimilation methods. Topics covered range from NWP issues to applications such as crop modelling and monthly-to-seasonal forecasts, as well as plans for assimilation of observations related to the surface branch of the global carbon cycle.


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Working groups

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A simplified variational analysis scheme for soil moisture: Developments at Météo-France and MSC

G Balsamo

PDF icon

Remote sensing of precipitation from space over land surfaces

P Bauer

PDF icon

The use of soil moisture in hydrological forecasting

V A Bell

PDF icon

Land-surface, boundary layer and cloud-field coupling over the Amazon in ERA-40

A K Betts

PDF icon

Assimilation of remote sensing data to monitor the terrestrial carbon cycle: the carbon observatory of geoland

J-C Calvet

PDF icon

Ecoclimap 2: A new approach at global scale for ecosystems mapping and associated surface parameters database using SPOT/VEGETATION data

J-L Champeaux

PDF icon

Continental-global scale validation and evaluation of land surface models

P Dirmeyer

PDF icon

Snow analysis

M Drusch

PDF icon

The ECMWF soil data assimilation

J Ettema

PDF icon

Validation of ELDAS at catchment scale

L P Graham

PDF icon

Validation of ELDAS products using in situ observations

C Jacobs

PDF icon

Carbon and fAPAR assimilation within CCDAS

W Knorr

PDF icon

The North American Land Data Assimilation System (NLDAS)

K Mitchell

PDF icon

Significance of ELDAS soil moisture products for NWP

J A Parodi

PDF icon

Land data assimilation and seasonal climate prediction

R Reichle

PDF icon

NASA/NOAA's Global Land Data Assimilation System (GLDAS): Recent results and future plans

M Rodell

PDF icon

Daily and 3-hourly quantitative precipitation estimation for ELDAS

F Rubel

PDF icon

The use of remote sensing data to improve the modelling of skin temperature

I F Trigo

PDF icon

Variational soil assimilation at DWD

W Wergen

PDF icon

Weather induced uncertainty in the European Crop Growth Monitoring System

A J W de Wit

PDF icon

ELDAS radiation and heating rates products using METEOSAT data

B van den Hurk

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