Workshop on New Developments in Predictability

The Workshop on New Developments in Predictability was held from 13 to 15 November 1991.

Working groups

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Local skill prediction with a simple model

J Barkmeijer

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Predictability of an ocean/atmosphere model using adjoint model analysis

M B Blumenthal

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Systematic and random error budgets

G J Boer

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Seasonal integrations with realistic boundary forcing

C Brankovic

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44-day ensemble forecasts with the T-42-L20 French spectral model

M Deque

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Short-range skill prediction

K Fraedrich

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Lagged average forecasts and Monte Carlo experimental forecasts at NMC

E Kalnay

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30-day dynamical forecasts at the UK Meteorological Office

S F Milton

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Predictability and finite-time instability of the Northern Winter Circulation

F Molteni

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Ensemble predictions using dynamically-conditioned perturbations

R Mureau

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Karl Popper and the accountability of numerical forecasting

H Tennekes

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Low-frequency oscillations and weather regimes in the Northern Hemisphere

R Vautard

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Direct prediction of error variances by the tangent linear model: a way to forecast uncertainty in the short range?

P Veyre

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Forecasting forecast skill, probability forecasting and the plausibility of model produced flow

H M van den Dool

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