Annual Seminar on Data Assimilation Methods

The Annual Seminar on Data Assimilation Methods was held from 15 to 19 September 1980.


Current problems in four-dimensional data assimilation

L Bengtsson

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Assimilation of asynoptic data and the initialization problem

K P Bube

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Normal model initialization

R Daley

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Applications of estimation theory to numerical weather prediction

M Ghil

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Data assimilation for the FGGE tropical observing system

P R Julian

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Some climatological and energy budget calculations using the FGGE III-b analyses during January 1979

M Kanamitsu

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Design of ECMWF analysis scheme

A Lorenc

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An overview of meteorological data assimilation

P Morel

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Convergence of assimilation procedures

O Talagrand

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Design of the ECMWF normal model initialization procedure

C Temperton

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