Requests for changes and technical support for commercial and research users

Depending on the type of licence you hold you can request support and changes as follow:

  • Maximum charge customers can contact Data Services ( for all changes (Data or Network)
  • Standard customers must contact their licensor to request a change. If ECMWF is your licensor please contact Data Services. A fee maybe applied.

Contact ECMWF

Change requests must be centralised on the user side (a designated technical point) and send to If several people need to be able to request changes or be informed in case of services disruption, we suggest that a group email address is used (eg:

When requesting a change please specify clearly:

  • Description of the change
  • Your three letter  Destination code (uniquely identifying your data dissemination)
  • Desired date of operational implementation. Please note that we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to implement the changes on the specified date. Confirmation of the implementation date will be sent prior to the change.

Changes might cause disruption to your services. We normally offer to test the changes before implementation.

Operational issues, outside of UK office working hours

Transmission of products is monitored 24/7 once the technical set up is made operational, that is, files are being transmitted routinely according to the dissemination schedule identical for all users. If necessary, operators (24/7) will send an email to the designated technical contact points. can be contacted for urgent matters regarding the transmission of files. Service Desk will not be able implement any changes to the requirements.