Manage your dissemination with ECPDS


The ECMWF Production Data Store (ECPDS) is available at

If you have issue accessing port 9443 use the following instead: https ://

ECPDS in short

ECPDS is a system for transmitting real-time data.  Data is pushed according to a specific schedule into remote users' machines using standard transfer protocols such as FTP or SFTP.

Please check our documentation for an introduction to the interface features and capabilities.

Get access to ECPDS

Member and Co-operating States

The ECPDS web service is available to Member and Co-operating States.

To gain access, you need to have a suitable ECMWF registered user account and a security token. To request access, please contact our Service Desk at


The ECPDS web service is available to customers holding maximum-charge commercial or NMHS non-commercial licences.

To request access, please contact us (Subject: Gain access to MARS, real-time data or charts).


ECPDS for users