Medium (15 days)

Medium range forecast section contains charts for up to 15 days time range from high resolution (HRES),, ensemble (ENS) and ocean wave forecast systems. Charts are categorized as"Forecast"and"Verification"charts.

Machine Learning model data

ECMWF is now running a series of data-driven forecasts as part of its experimental suite. These machine-learning based models are very fast, and they produce a 10-day forecast with 6-hourly time steps in approximately one minute. The outputs are available in graphical form.

Currently, three of these models are available:

Atmospheric model Ensemble 15-day forecast

Ensemble (ENS) of forecasts providing an estimate of the reliability of a single forecast.

ENS offers  "High Frequency products"  until step 144:

  • 4 daily runs: 00, 06, 12 and 18 UTC
  • hourly until step 90
  • 3-hourly from 93 to 144

Most Post-processed Products are not available at 06/18 runs or in hourly steps. An exception are Tropical Cycle tracks (set III-viii) which is available for all daily runs: 00, 06, 12 and 18 UTC.

Atmospheric Model high resolution 10-day forecast

Single prediction that uses

  • observations
  • prior information about the Earth-system
  • ECMWF's highest-resolution model

HRES Direct model output Products offers "High Frequency products"  

  • 4 forecast runs per day (00/06/12/18) (see dissemination schedule for details)
  • Hourly steps to step 90 for all four runs

Not all post-processed Products are available at 06/18 runs or in hourly steps.