Newsletter readership survey results

Georg Lentze


A questionnaire that was run online from October to December 2021 shows that the appearance and content of the ECMWF Newsletter are much appreciated by its readers. The survey has also provided some valuable insights for possible improvements. Many thanks to all the readers who took part!

Almost two thirds of participants view the PDF version of the Newsletter, while over a third read the newer web version. The print version is now only available in limited numbers in the three outlets of the Centre in Reading (UK), Bonn (Germany), and Bologna (Italy). The results of the survey show that it continues to be a good idea to produce a PDF version to maximise access to the Newsletter.

As can be seen in the illustration, most participants are satisfied or very satisfied with the appearance of the Newsletter, its overall content, and its readability and timeliness. The articles considered most important are the ones discussing changes to ECMWF’s forecasting system (‘very important’ for 58.9% and ‘important’ for 29.9%), but general news items are also rated highly (‘very important’ for 37.4% and ‘important’ for 52.3%). The range of readers is diverse, which is why computing articles will continue to feature (‘very important’ for 18.7% and ‘important’ for 39.3%). A list of new ECMWF publications and a calendar of events, which are currently only included in the PDF version and hard copy, are regarded at least as ‘somewhat important’ by most participants (85.1% and 75.7%, respectively).

Some results from the readership survey.
Some results from the readership survey. The results show a high level of satisfaction with the appearance, content, readability and timeliness of the ECMWF Newsletter. They are based on 105–109 responses.

In addition to providing much positive feedback, free text boxes were used for some constructive proposals, such as calls for articles about the use of ECMWF products, interviews with senior ECMWF scientists, and more articles about the Centre’s activities relating to the EU’s Copernicus Earth observation programme. We appreciate all the responses and will aim to incorporate ideas where possible into future issues of the ECMWF Newsletter.

For tips on how to submit an article or content idea, please consult the ‘Guidance for Newsletter authors’ at or contact