End of the road for GRIB-API

Umberto Modigliani, Shahram Najm, Stephan Siemen, Daniel Varela Santoalla


EC Codes logoecCodes has become the default decoder/encoder for the binary data format GRIB at ECMWF. All the main operational systems, the Integrated Forecasting System and software packages at ECMWF, have now been migrated to ecCodes. We are confident that ecCodes can replace GRIB-API for all GRIB decoding/encoding activities and strongly suggest that users test and migrate their applications to ecCodes at the earliest opportunity.

ecCodes is an evolution of the GRIB-API software package with extended functionality and the ability to also handle data in BUFR format. The existing API function names, header files and tools starting with the string "grib_" will continue to exist and this will facilitate the migration. More details on ecCodes can be found in ECMWF Newsletter No. 146, winter 2015/16.

Please note that no new features or functionality will be implemented in GRIB-API, and in the coming months only major or critical bug fixes and support for new parameters will be provided. Any existing and future feature request for GRIB data handling will only be addressed in ecCodes. ECMWF plans to cease all development work on GRIB-API at the end of 2018. After this time no further changes will be made to GRIB-API. ECMWF will install just ecCodes on new ECMWF platforms, such as the next supercomputer.

Please contact Software Support ( if you have any queries.