Workshop on Predictability

The Workshop on Predictability was held from 20 to 22 October 1997.


3DVAR Hessian singular vectors and their use in the ECMWF Ensemble Prediction System

J Barkmeijer

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Stochastic simulation of model uncertainties in the ECMWF Ensemble Prediction System

R Buizza

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Prediction of the uncertainty of numerical weather forecasts: Problems and approaches

M Ehrendorfer

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Joint medium range ensembles from the UKMO and ECMWF models

R E Evans

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Transient and asymptotic error growth in time dependent flows

B F Farrell

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The use of adjoint methods for adaptive observations

R Gelaro

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An EPS for the short and early medium range

H Hersbach

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The structure of the Lyapunov vector

P J Ioannou

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Validation of Ensemble Prediction System using empirical orthogonal functions

F Molteni

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Performance of the ECMWF Ensemble Prediction System

T N Palmer

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The relative effects of model and analysis differences on ECMWF and UKMO operational forecasts

D S Richardson


Accountability and internal consistency in ensemble formation

L A Smith

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4DVAR and predictability

K Swanson

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Evaluation of probabilistic prediction systems

O Talagrand

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Predictability studies with FASTEX data using the ECMWF IFS

A J Thorpe

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On the relative merits of using an ensemble versus a single high resolution control forecast

Z Toth

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