Workshop on Orography

The Workshop on Orography was held from 10 to 12 November 1997.


PDF iconIntroduction and working group reports


Stratified flow past complex terrain, and the parametrisation of subgrid-scale orographic effects

P G Baines

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The synoptic setting and mesoscale orographic systems

H C Davies

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Why is a model topography still not described accurately enough at mesoscale? How can it be improved? What we have learned from the COMPARE experiment

M Georgelin

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Mesoscale phenomena induced by mountains over Scandinavia and Spitsbergen

S Gronas

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Critical levels and wavebreaking in 3D orographic flows

V Grubisic

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Momentum budgets over idealized orography with a nonhydrostatic anelastic model

P Hereil

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Impact of various representations of orography on a GCM winter climate

F Lott

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Numerical experimentation before MAP

E Richard

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Critical level filtering of orographic gravity waves in directional wind shear

G J Shutts

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Boundary-layer modelling of neural and stably-stratified flow over hills, with emphasis on the drag

P Taylor

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Turbulent fluxes in complex terrain and the effects of static stability

N Wood

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