Workshop on Semi-Lagrangian Methods

The Workshop on Semi-Lagrangian Methods was held from 6 to 8 November 1995.

Working groups

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Recent forecast and climate simulation experiments with a global finite difference semi-Lagrangian model

J R Bates

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Stabilitzation of ARPEGE/IFS semi-Lagrangian scheme for diabatic variable resolution purpose and other pre-operational problems

P Benard

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A family of semi-Lagrangian schemes

J Cote

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On the development of a cell-integrated semi-Lagrangian shallow water model on the sphere

B Machenhauer

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Implementation of semi-Lagrangian advection in the next generation UK Met Office Unified Model

M H Mawson

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Comparing the semi-Lagrangian spectral and grid-point versions of the HIRLAM forecast model

A McDonald

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Experiments with the semi-Lagrangian version of the BMRC global spectral atmospheric model

M Naughton

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Accuracy and conservation in semi-Lagrangian time-integration

R J Purser

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A comparison of 'spatially averaged Eulerian' and 'semi-Lagrangian' treatments of mountains

H Ritchie

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Research concerning the semi-Lagrangian methods at DWD

J Steppeler

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A two-time-level version of the IFS semi-Lagrangian spectral model

C Temperton

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Experiments with semi-Lagrangian wavelets

A Ware

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Application of semi-Lagrangian methods to climate simulation

D L Williamson

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