Seminar on Graphical Applications in Meteorology

The Seminar on Graphical Applications in Meteorology was held from 19 to 23 October 1981.


PDF iconIntroduction

PDF iconList of graphics facilities at the Met Office


An interactive display system for radar data

K M Carpenter

PDF icon

Formats of distributed data

J Chambers

PDF icon

Developments in contouring techniques

P R Cockrell

PDF icon

The GEOVOR interactive graphics system

H P Gemein

PDF icon

Digital facsimile

C E Goodison

PDF icon

Graphical facilities at the Irish Meteorological Service

J Hamilton

PDF icon

GKS, the first graphics standard

F R A Hopgood

PDF icon

Graphical facilities at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

P Jacobson

PDF icon

Applications of graphics devices at the Meteorological Office, London Airport

M V Jones

PDF icon

The use of graphics in the Research Department and the FGGE work at the Centre

P Kållberg

PDF icon

Graphical representation at the Centre

P O'Sullivan

PDF icon

The graphical facilities currently in use at the Danish Meteorological Institute

N Olsen

PDF icon

The Autostat raster display

J F Ponting

PDF icon

Usage of graphical products in ECMWF's meteorological operations - present and future plans

H Pümpel

PDF icon

The graphical system at the National Meteorological Service in Greece

M Refene

PDF icon

Graphical facilities at the Swiss Meteorological Institute

H P Roseli

PDF icon

Brief summary of graphical facilities in the German Meteorological Service

P Schanz

PDF icon

Graphical applications at the R.M.I. of Belgium

R Van Lierde

PDF icon

Graphical facilities at ECMWF

H Watkins

PDF icon

Description of the McIdas System

T M Whitakker

PDF icon

The ECMWF Operational Meteorological System

A Woods

PDF icon

Graphical facilities at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)

H de Hart

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