Archive datasets

ECMWF's meteorological archive contains petabytes of operational and research data. The Meteorological Archival and Retrieval System (MARS) provides facilities for the retrieval of those data in GRIB or NetCDF fomat.

Full access to the archive

The whole archive, including  special datasets, projects and research experiments, is made accessible only to NMHSs of ECMWF Member and Co-operating States. Access is via each country's computing representative.

  • Browse the full MARS Catalogue
    Check availability of the data, estimate the download size, and get the MARS request syntax needed to download the data using the Access MARS service of the Web API (for web users) or using ECMWF computing facilities. Also download the data directly in GRIB or NetCDF, though this is not the recommended method.

Licensed access to the archive

Some of the archive, including the Operational archive, is made accessible under licence.

Public access to the archive

A number of datasets are made available free of charge, including Global Reanalyses (such as ERA-Interim, and ERA5), multi-model (such as TIGGE), and atmospheric composition (such as CAMS near-real-time).

  • Discover public datasets
    Browse the content and get the request scripts needed to retrieve the datasets via the Access ECMWF Public Datasets service of the Web API. You can also download datasets directly. Terms and conditions may apply.