Spring 2023 Newsletter published

ECMWF Newsletter 175

The spring 2023 issue of the ECMWF Newsletter is now available. As well as news about ECMWF staff and events, it features articles about new developments and the use that can be made of ECMWF products.

Contents include:

  • ERA5 reanalysis now available from 1940
  • Linearised physics: the heart of ECMWF’s 4D-Var
  • Enhancing OpenIFS by adding atmospheric composition capabilities
  • Migration from GRIB1 to GRIB2: preparing ECMWF model output for the future
  • Automated weather data services deployed in Bologna

A PDF version and a web version of the Newsletter are available.

The ECMWF Newsletter is published quarterly.

Previous issues are available on the Newsletter publications page. On that page you can also subscribe to email alerts for Newsletters.