Summer 2019 Newsletter published

ECMWF Newsletter 160 cover

The summer 2019 issue of the ECMWF Newsletter is now available. As well as news about ECMWF staff and events, it features articles about new developments and the use that can be made of ECMWF products.

Contents include:

  • IFS upgrade greatly improves forecasts
  • ECMWF works with universities to support response to tropical cyclone Idai
  • Why we need to protect weather prediction from radio frequency interference
  • Coupled ocean–atmosphere data assimilation at ECMWF
  • Arctic weather forecasting – in the high Arctic
  • Towards sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasts for EFAS

A PDF version and a web version of the Newsletter are available.

The ECMWF Newsletter is published quarterly.

Previous issues are available on the Newsletter publications page.