ECMWF Annual Report 2016 published

7 August 2017

The ECMWF Annual Report 2016 is now available online.

The report reviews improvements in forecast performance, advances in research and the Centre’s contributions to Europe’s Copernicus Earth observation programme. It also looks ahead to the goals set out in the new ten-year Strategy endorsed by ECMWF’s Member States in 2016.

Highlights of the two forecasting system upgrades in 2016 include the implementation of an octahedral grid, enabling a ground-breaking resolution upgrade, and the introduction of dynamic sea ice and finer resolution in the ocean.

These advances were made possible thanks to substantial progress in our Scalability Programme, the upgrade of our Cray supercomputers, and continued cooperation with our partners and Fellows.

Contents include:
  • 2016 at a glance
  • Advancing weather science
  • Delivering global predictions
  • Sustaining high-performance computing
  • Supporting ECMWF
  • Serving Member and Co-operating States
  • How we work

View the ECMWF Annual Report 2016 online.

View the ECMWF PDF iconAnnual Report 2016.

Reports for previous years are available in our media resources.