ECMWF Annual Report 2015 published

13 July 2016

Annual Report 2015 cover

The ECMWF Annual Report 2015 is now available online.

The report reviews ECMWF’s 40th anniversary year, highlighting improvements in forecast performance and advances in research. A new model upgrade brought consistent gains in forecast performance, while work on a new cubic-octahedral grid brought the prospect of higher resolution closer.

We worked with Cray to finalise plans for a significant upgrade of the Cray XC30 supercomputers. The Scalability Programme made much progress, with several new collaborative projects launched during the year. 2015 was also the first full year of ECMWF implementing two of the EU’s Copernicus Earth observation services.

Contents include:

  • 2015 at a glance
  • Advancing weather science
  • Improving global prediction
  • Computing and scalability
  • Improving users’ experience
  • Environmental information
  • European investment in ECMWF
  • Working together
  • Looking to the future
  • How we work

View the ECMWF Annual Report 2015 online.

View the PDF iconECMWF Annual Report 2015 as PDF.

Reports for previous years are available in our media resources.