Workshop on Scalability

Scalability workshop - folder cover

The challenges of highly parallel computing in areas such as observational data processing, data assimilation, the formulation of the model dynamical core and model output management have led to the development of a Scalability Programme at ECMWF. The project will coordinate resources defining the future forecasting system across all scales. This will be in preparation for future high-performance computing architectures aiming at accurate, efficient and scalable algorithms and code structures.

ECMWF will host a two-day workshop on 14-15 April 2014 to continue the definition of its Scalability Programme and to prepare collaboration with external partners. The workshop, co-funded by ClimMathNet, will bring together numerical weather prediction and high performance computing centres, academia and hardware providers. A series of presentations will cover weather and climate science applications at scale, as well as numerical algorithm and hardware aspects towards exa-scale high-performance computing.

Working groups will identify common areas of fundamental research towards high-resolution Earth-system prediction, explore the potential for common and shared computer code development, and define future benchmarking strategies.

Representatives from computer hardware manufacturers have been invited to introduce their view of the expected evolution of processor technology and high-performance computing facilities. The link between industry, research and applications at European and international level is considered crucial for the success of the Scalability Programme.