ECMWF Annual Report 2013 published

14 July 2014

The ECMWF Annual Report 2013 is now available. It is structured around the 8 key objectives set out in the Centre's 4-year programme of activities.

Weather prediction is critical for people and society, and in reviewing ECMWF over 2013 we reflect on our achievements for our Member States and society at large. Looking back on a year of technical and scientific innovation, the report demonstrates how European co-operation and investment has helped citizens prepare for severe weather and anticipate the impacts of the weather on their lives.

Contents include:

  • 2013 at a glance
  • Improving our forecasts
  • Advancing weather science
  • Improving users’ experience
  • More power
  • Our people
  • Developing European infrastructure
  • European investment in ECMWF
  • Working together
  • Looking to the future
  • How we work

PDF iconAnnual Report 2013

Reports for previous years are available in our media resources.