DEMETER awarded Norbert Gerbier Mumm International Award

28 June 2006

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Dr Tim Palmer and the DEMETER team have been awarded the Norbert Gerbier Mumm International Award.

The Norbert Gerbier Mumm International Award was presented to Dr Tim Palmer (Head of Probabilistic Forecasting and Diagnostics Division, ECMWF) and his DEMETER team (which includes Dr Renate Hagedorn and Dr Francisco Doblas-Reyes from ECMWF) on 28 June at a meeting of the WMO Executive Council in Geneva. The award was made in recognition of their paper entitled “Development of a European Multimodel Ensemble System for Seasonal-to-Interannual Prediction (DEMETER)” which appeared in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 2004, 85, 853–872. The DEMETER team consists of 25 scientists from twelve institutions within Europe and one in the USA. A fuller report about the presentation ceremony can be found at

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The Gerbier Mumm International Award recognises an original scientific paper on the influence of meteorology in a particular field of the physical, natural or human sciences, or on the influence of one of these sciences on meteorology.