Living in Bonn

Bonn is one of the oldest cities in Germany and is situated on the Rhine in the south of the Rhine-Ruhr region. It has a vibrant international population of about 330,000. With easy access to Cologne (24 km to the north) and the rest of Germany, Bonn is well situated and a popular hub for successful international companies.

Bonn is considered to be a very important administrative city and is considered the second unofficial capital of the country. International cooperation ranks high in the activities of the City of Bonn itself. It is a member of numerous city networks, European associations, panels and city twinnings. It is involved in international development cooperation at municipal level, international youth projects and in international dialogue.

Both domestic and international organisations have offices and their headquarters in the city, and it is also the home to many universities and ministerial offices.

The city has a rich history and offers amazing cultural richness and stunningly beautiful architecture.

A compact yet large and friendly city, Bonn attracts many tourists, with plenty of green spaces and access to stunning countryside that is very appealing for families.

Bonn offers excellent educational institutions as well as an excellent and very popular bus and tram transport system. There are ferries to transport people across the river, and the Cologne Bonn airport, the 7th largest airport in the country, is located just 15 km north of the city centre.

Socially, Bonn is a very active city with many art galleries, gardens and cathedrals on offer. With its buzzing nightlife, with music festivals pubs and bars, it has something to offer everyone.