Application for Member State short-term secondment to ECMWF

ECMWF invites short-term secondments from Member State and Co-operating State hydro-meteorological institutes.

Projects can cover all areas of work, typically science, forecast delivery, computing, environmental applications, administration and communication. Any secondment proposal must be agreed with your line management.

ECMWF can offer partial funding to support such stays. The work arrangements can be any period from several weeks up to a maximum of three months, either as a continuous stay or a sequence of shorter stays.

The seniority of the candidate can be at any level, from trainee to experienced staff.

Secondments are normally from a Member State Hydro-meteorological Institute which continues to employ you while you are seconded to ECMWF.
We need your email so that we can contact you for clarification and, once agreed, to organise your secondment. We may put you in touch with your host within ECMWF to discuss your proposed project, length and timing.

Secondment Projects should be in areas of mutual interest to your current employer and ECMWF and in line with ECMWF's strategy.

Please provide an overview & summary of your project, allowing us to assess if it fits with the Centre's strategy and which part of the organisation would host it. Once confirmed, we will put you in touch with your host within ECMWF so that you can further elaborate on your project and develop a detailed plan.
Please outline how your proposed project fits with ECMWF's strategy and research, as well as why the secondment is important to you.
Please outline your technical skills and your familiarity with ECMWF tools, computing environment, IFS model etc.
Please indicate your requirements for your project, particularly focussing on technical/computing requirements and support from ECMWF experts needed.
Please provide an indication of the anticipated length of your stay at ECMWF. Secondments can be any length from a couple of weeks to three months.
Please outline when you would like your secondment to start and indicate any flexibility and constraints you may have.