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  1. Amici A.

    2018, Workshop - Developing Python frameworks for earth system sciences, Presentation.

  2. Robin Hogan, Alessio Bozzo, Mark Fielding, Barker H., Frédéric Vitart, Schaefer S., I. Polichtchouk

    2018, Presentation.

  3. Dance S.

    2018, Annual Seminar 2018, Presentation.

  4. Weaver A.

    2018, Annual Seminar 2018, Presentation.

  5. Essenfelder A.

    2018, Presentation.

  6. Hao Zuo, Magdalena Alonso-Balmaseda, Steffen Tietsche, Browne P., Sarojini B., Eric de Boisseson, Patricia de Rosnay

    2018, Workshop on observations and analysis of sea-surface temperature and sea ice for NWP and climate applications, Presentation.

  7. Maike Ahlgrimm

    2018, Presentation.

  8. Matula J.

    2018, European Working Group on Operational meteorological Workstations (EGOWS) 2018, Presentation.

  9. Frolov S.

    2018, Annual Seminar 2018, Presentation.

  10. Yepes-Arbos X., Acosta M., van den Oord G., Carver G.

    2018, 18th workshop on high performance computing in meteorology (HPC2018), Presentation.