12th Workshop on the Use of High Performance Computing in Meteorology

Every second year the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) hosts a workshop on the use of high performance computing in meteorology. This year’s workshop on High Performance Computing in Meteorology was held from 30 October to 3 November 2006.


At the workshop there was an emphasis on running meteorological applications at sustained teraflops performance in a production environment, and on the application specific developments required to move towards petaflops computing.

Our aim was to provide a venue where:

  • Users from our Member States and around the world could report on their experience and achievements in the field of high performance computing during the last two years; plans for the future and requirements for computing power were also presented.
  • Vendors of supercomputers had the opportunity to talk to managers and end users of meteorological computer centres about their current and future products.
  • Meteorological scientists could present their achievements in the development of parallel computing techniques and algorithms, and could exchange ideas on the use of supercomputers in future research.
  • Computer scientists could give an update on their efforts in providing tools which will help users to exploit the power of supercomputers in the field of meteorology.
  • The challenges of creating a computer centre infrastructure for HPC could be discussed.


PDF iconProgramme


Session 1

Development of the ECMWF Forecasting System

Adrian Simmons

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Computational Efficiency of the ECMWF Forecasting System

Deborah Salmond

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Session 2

NCAR developments in production computing

Tom Bettge


NERSC Experience: Implementation of a Facility Wide Global File System

William Kramer

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Session 3

Recent developments of NCEP GFS for High Performance Computing

Henry Juang

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Multi-Scale Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean GCM and Simulations

Keiko Takahashi

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HPC Activities in the Earth System Research Laboratory

Mark Govett

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Session 4

High performance computing activities at CPTEC

Jairo Panetta

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The status of HPC infrastructure and NWP operation in KMA

Nam-Ouk Kim

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Session 5

The opportunities and challenges for PetaFlop computational science and engineering

Douglass Post

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Update on Cray Activities in the Earth Sciences Segment

Per Nyberg

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Session 6

Fujitsu's Vision for high performance computing

Motoi Okuda

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IBM high performance computing technology roadmap

Don Grice

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NEC HPC strategy and products

Toshiyuki Furui

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Session 7

Linux Networx HPC strategy and roadmap

Eric Pitcher

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SGI high performance computing for earth sciences

Ilene Carpenter

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HPC strategy and direction for meteorological modelling

Hans Joraandstad

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Session 8

GEMS: Global environmental monitoring and forecasting: Extending weather forecast & assimilation systems to encompass greenhouse gases, reactive gases and aerosols

Tony Hollingsworth

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Variational Kalman filtering of nonlinear dynamic systems on parallel computers

Tuomo Kauranne

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Reprocessing facilities for NWP Reanalysis

Richard Bosworth

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Session 9

RAPS Workshop: Progress Report

George Mozdzynski

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Preparing "Lokal Modell" for next generation regional weather forecasting and computing - Algorithms, Software Architecture, Parallel Performance

Ulrich Schattler

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Optimizing IO performance in ECHAM5-HAM

Mark Cheeseman

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Session 10

ORAP: a French initiative to promote HPC

Marie Alice Foujols

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An overview of HPC at the Met Office

Paul Selwood

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A new partitioning approach for ECMWF's Integrated Forecasting System (IFS)

George Mozdzynski

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Session 11

Just on time to face new challenges with NEC super-computing in Meteo France

Jean-Francois Estrade

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What SMT (Simultaneous Multi Threading) can do for you

John Hague

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Flexible coupling for performance

Rupert Ford

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Session 12

Performance measurements of ECMWF RAPS benchmarks on x86_64 architectures

Dirk Merten

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Performance of the ECMWF RAPS9 IFS benchmark on the NEC SX-8 super-computer

Mike O'Neill

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The performance of the COSMOS coupled model at DKRZ and ECMWF

Luis Kornblueh

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Session 13

A new computational design for a Global Icosahedral Model

Alexander MacDonald

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Tools, trends and techniques for developing scientific software

Thomas Clune

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Structural programming in parallel

Tarmo Kaldma

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Session 14

Analytic MPI scalability modeling on a flat interconnect

George VandenBerghe

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Performance comparison of capability application benchmarks on the IBM p5-575 and the Cray XT3

Mike Ashworth

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Tuning ECMWF's RAPS9 benchmark for Intel (r) platforms

Nikita Panov

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Session 15

The role of precision in meteorological computing: A study using the NMITLI Varsha GCM

Tirupathur Venkatesh

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High performance storage solutions from DataDirect Networks

Toine Beckers

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Advanced cluster software for meteorology

Henry Strauss

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